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Directory submission is very simple and quick process. The submissions of websites directories are acceptable by all kinds of webmasters. As all o Holabizf us known by this that websites are categorized in different category depending upon its nature of work. Many website directories have lot of traffic visiting to find information on the internet, so by submitting to the directories you can fetch targeted traffic to your site. As it is obvious if lot of people visited to your site the revenue generation also increases. It gives boost to the business growth.

Manual submission to the directories is important, Mahalobiz you can submit to the directories through automated service also in a short time but it makes your site banned by the search engine and it is due to when you seek a lot of links for your site then search engine bans you and consider you as a spammer.

As there are many directories, Smallbizdirectori for submitting directories you can hire a SEO Company for doing this job. Before hiring any company for this service make sure they will submit them manually. Usually automated submission is cheaper than manual submission, but do not go for automated submission of directories as later it will have some problems. Directory submission helps in getting superior quantity of inward links are coming. The ranking of the website in the search engine depends upon the quality of inward links, these links helps in making the better ranking. By submitting to top ranking website directories and scoring a good ranking will guarantee you to get good quality links for the website. Gogodex

The top 10 directory submission sites are:

1) Google Directory

2) Yahoo! Directory

3) Jayde Goeditors

4) ODP – Open Directory Project

5) Joe Ant

6) Best of the Web

7) Gimpsy

8) Go Guides

9) Skaffe

10) Web Savvy Directory

The advantages of directory submission are: เว็บสล็อต


  • Website directory submission helps in increasing more inward links, this is the main aim of building maximum links by submitting to web directory itself
  • Search engines that notice the inward links from other websites. When the search engine locates your site on the directory site then they follow them to reach to your site and that increases the chances of hike in the ranking.
  • The increased number of directories is there in your sites increases the chances of more traffic to your site. For more info please visit these websites here







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