The Marriage Phenomenon – Co-Habiting – Marriage – Divorce


The world and society is ever changing and that humanity has evolved more rapidly in the past 50 years but not all societies have developed at the same rate.

While many couples in western nations swallow up change like swallowing delicacies, whybitcoinprice others may still live in much the same way as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

Most countries is still in practice something of cultural phenomenon in that we have accepted changes as an evitable part of life n the 21st century, yet still respect some of their traditions.

Certainly in the era of technology and economic progress, ufa168live many countries would like to consider it on par with their western counterparts.

As for Asian countries should they consider movement, regardless of direction, as sort of progress or are we just imitating other country’s social norm?

One of the subjects that inevitably come to mind is when considering a changing society of the sensitive issue of couples living together before marriage. chronicleshub

Most of the family elders would consider that it is morally wrong, sinful and socially unacceptable living together before marriage as accordingly to traditional hand down education.

They may consider that it is a face losing matter in the eyes of their relatives and friends and reflects on the elders, questioning their parenting skills. United Marriage Education

Marriage are scarce nowadays, couples would rather live together without the sanctity of marriage, perhaps it can be make easy to part when no documents bind them together.

Woman is especially becoming less sentimental as having to break a relationship seems less of a heartbreaking experience. Therapist Florida

Men and women alike are no longer adhering to the social custom of getting married before having children.

Some career aggressive woman is happy to be single mother bearing and shouldering parental responsibilities.

It is no wonder that cultural evolvement have changed the long established behavioural marriage practices which is no more an important role in the present people’s lifestyle.

Both female and male now go about their daily routine, Wirelesswanted bearing and raising children or even adopting when the natural route of birth is not available.

Now what are the pros and cons of co-habiting before marriage?

If people who like or love each another and agreed to live under the same roof embarking on a life-long journey of commitment , before tying the knot, then what is wrong with it?

Why not parents consider that such lifestyles as a logical, cautionary move, where it give time and space for understanding each another more until the final decision to get marry.

If the unmarried couple can take precaution of unwanted pregnancy, it does not really hurt anybody at all. It can also benefit from future family problems after much understanding while living together for a certain period.

As people are living more independently, as opposed with their parents or in extended family units, it can be done much more easily with having to answer to their family seniors.

If we do consider moving back to the tradition teachings, a woman is supposed to be pure or remain a virgin before marriage.

Well, now is the question of whether their next of partner can accept the facts or not, which in this era, most male will not mind as it is also some sort of experience, that’s the interpretation and being a woman.

Why not men and woman both can have a chance to know what it is like to be with another person?

After all it is the chance to explore whether they are compatible in terms of physical intimacy before they enter into their long term commitment facing the outcome and make the vow “I Do!” For more details visit here websites:-

Most people feel this is a common way of life, but does not profess these types of more liberal thoughts.
Apparently nowadays, many couples do not even sign marriage licenses or certificates, it could be due to business or financial reasons, which also makes things much easier if they fall apart or their relationship goes sour.

Only in this case, they do not have to erase memory of the wedding, celebration and all of the entanglements between their respective families or to cause embarrassment when ask by community.

And what about female partners who live together?

Or male partners who co-habit?

While not all people will necessary approve of same-sex relations, there is something less taboo about these types of pairing, perhaps precisely because they are the same sex.

Well, what would people think if man and woman go on abroad together, people will inevitably pinpoint the aspect of “what is going on between them physically”.

What if two women travel or stay together, people will then delicately defined them as friends or sister hood companions.

The other thing is, they must be older people that live together who are not married and because of their age, it is not something that people chose to criticise.

So is it right for people who are in their 20s or even 30s to be treated like children with the family elders who are still actively give advice to all sorts of opinions?

In the western society, pregnant brides are easily accepted, they married with even after having a baby as their bride maid or some would not care less about critics.

Of course when we mentioned about the western society, it is a comparison of the more conservative Asians, happenings of such usually were kept lip-tight only with behind the back gossips.

Perhaps it is not such a bad thing in the changing times, Asian people wants to be appeared honourable morally to save face when circumstance does not suit local social standard.

Asians are stay to respect their elder’s opinions on many aspect of life, again an example of enduring traditional values and are proud of these cultural traits.







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